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Double Drop Sunset Stripe Earrings
Double Drop Sunset Stripe Earrings

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Double Drop Sunset Stripe Earrings

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Double drop earrings with "sunset" stripe pattern in purples, oranges, gray and white.

Our earrings are each handmade, sanded and assembled in small batches, from ultra-light-weight polymer clay.


2-2.5 inches (approx) total length from ear piercing.


Polymer clay jewelry is durable and suitable for everyday wear. Here are a few tips to help keep your earrings looking their best!

  • Avoid wearing the polymer clay earrings when showering or in the water.
  • Keep away from hair styling products, makeup and and perfume/sprays that could stain your earrings.
  • Store in a jewelry box or container. Sterling silver hooks will tarnish over time when exposed to air, but can easily be brought back to their original shine by gently wiping with a jewelry cloth.
  • To clean dust or dirt from earrings, gently wipe clay parts with a damp cloth or cotton swab.


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